Finding Beauty

My mother’s brothers love strange girls, girls of the nights plus the ones they meet at work. Real girls and the ones that could pass for men, anything in skirt and heels that has breasts would do. The youngest of them is my favorite, Uncle Jude does not bring home just any girl, he has a fine taste in women. Like a great wine taster, he is known to be selective and only brings home stunners. This was why we were all holding our breath until after the wedding. We found it hard to believe he would really marry her!
I did a double take the day i met Obiageli, ‘meet my angel’ goes Uncle Jude.
i took a second look, and i have taken several looks since then trying to find the ’’ angelicness’’.
My uncle’s angel…..hmmm, I fear to say she is ugly lest i sin against her maker, i fear to say she is not good looking lest i be accused of judging her, and i quiver to even mention her sense of style and dressing. What has come over uncle Jude?
Well, last weekend uncle Jude married her and kept calling her names like ‘beauty’, ‘my queen’, ‘my angel… yours truly got tired of the whole angelic ‘charade’ and when i took my uncle aside to find out what calamity brought him such an unangelic looking angel, he calmly replied ”beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. That got me thinking ;

It is amazing how we could all be looking at the same thing yet seeing different things. As the saying goes, ‘different strokes are for different folks’. Beauty is often user defined. The beauty of a person or a thing depends on the one who judges or looks. A thing may be beautiful to a person while others see it as not so.
Now, it is very important that you do what makes you look good and ‘feel’ beautiful. Society reacts positively to people who believe they are beautiful, even if such a person doesn’t have features that would be considered “classically beautiful. So the first step in being beautiful is to see yourself as beautiful.
On the other hand, there are two kinds of beauty. Physical beauty can be a person’s features, figure, or complexion while inner beauty can be personality traits, habits, your sense of humor, it is what shines through when people relate with you. The definition of beauty has been changing since the days of my great grandmother and will keep changing based on what each individual thinks of or looks for in another person.

I learnt from Obiageli that physical beauty is a matter of self esteem, poise, good outfits, good make up, even surgery… yeah, it is so achievable if you want it that bad, but the inner beauty is the kind of beauty that not every eye sees so easily, but the beholder- who reads a book beyond its covers and knows the content enough to find beauty on the inside.
Life can affect physical beauty, the age of physical beauty changes, but inner beauty lasts longer and it’s harder to change or tarnish.
In conclusion, i totally agree with my uncle Jude, beauty is whatever the beholder’s eyes and mind interprets it to be.
What is beauty to you?

© shola Amaraibi


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  1. Hmm…deep, deep piece. Beauty is what you choose to make out of it. I don’t think there’s anyone who is not beautiful. There are just people who haven’t discovered how to unearth the true beauty that they are OR people who haven’t found people who not only behold them as beautiful but are also willing to nurture them until they are truly unveiled and they themselves begin begin to perceive themselves as truly beautiful. Great piece Shola. Pls keep it coming!

  2. Wow! What a very detailed explanation of beauty. Before now, I just thought of physical beauty as my definition, now I know better. I will begin to see beauty in a different light. Great piece Shola, I receive grace to write like you.#Big hug#


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