Theatre of Dreams

I know what the wood pecker knows
that it tap incessantly at the tree
for within the tree is its desire
in the crevices lies its longings
you say your heart has betrayed you
For you do not know its desire
did you tap?
Maybe, maybe it was you.
It was you who betrayed your heart
albeit in its crevices lay your longings,
dreams unfulfilled lay snoring
but your tapping grows dull as the shadows gather
would you tap?
Tap your heart and heed the calling
The dream that would not sleep but cries to be real
and when you hear it get some wood,
Knock up a stage, get a platform
Write your own script and play the leading role.
In this theatre anything is possible
Let the infinity on your inside shame failure
your limitlessness shame boundaries
defy your detractors, and claim your place
that high place that captures your senses
In this theatre anything is doable
Living is the aim, but its okay, its okay to play
Winning is the game, but its okay, its okay to fail
You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs
You can’t be you, without doing you even when you fall
your flops are props leading you to the top
Go steady…Tapping,
incessantly tapping
Staying committed to your dreams



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