Still my child


Haba Father
Aint i a child?
This bone i’m served is a bit too hard
this load i bear could break my back
do you feel my pain or i’m just too old
i ache from running, i sweat from toil
carry me some miles for i’m just a child

how i love the taste of milk,
to grow i learnt i’ll need some food,
some chunky meat, some heavy word
and an angel came, he said to eat
for the journey is far, i have no clue

Now i’m faint and how i hurt
a whisper says its just for a while
i’ll carry you through, jump on my wings
with milk or meat you are still my child
l’ll walk you through fire, i’ll stand by you
but eat you must so you can grow
some heavy word, some chunky meat
mediate on the word, and chew the truth
i feel your pain and you are never old
This fatherly arms will hold you tight
for you are still my child, redeemed by blood.

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  1. It makes too much sense… Once upon a time my son refuse to eat any solid (apart from cerelac or pap)…he did this up until he was 2 years… i would fret, worry, rake, cry, force him, to eat real food (even if it was mashed potatoes), he would totally refuse…i would watch my friends 10 month old baby, wacking chicken and cracking bones and I wouled long that it was my son… and one day while going through the frustration of forcing him eat because he was so skinny and perhaps underweight , I cried out and said “T’boy!!! eat your food ooo!! Your mates are eating strong meat and cracking bone, and you are here still wanting milk and ceRelac, don’t you want to grow!!????”.. then I heard God say to me “Doesn’t that remind you of you?? After all these years, you should be eating strong meat and bone and sometimes you just want to drink milk”… i instantly felt how God must feel sometime concerning us ….and I repented … So I can totally relate with this peice… thanks for sharing sis…


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