I do not make much of miracles
I do not seek any, for I am!
The miraculous is neither my quest, nor request,
but they’re power pills I daily ingest
Miracle is the workings of my lungs
the very I breathe is a phenomenon
its the way you carry God in your imperfect self,
parading brilliance in your daily trance
That’s a miracle!

Miracles are not Christmas i see them everyday
They are no struggles,but the adventures I live,
the diverse moments of pain and pleasure
Every good thought, aura and emanation
Every hour of light and dark is a miracle
Every inch of space on earth carries miracles .

My life, your life, you are here, I’m here
The smile of a child, the toothless grin of the aged
The sea is an unceasing miracle,
her waves undulating with wonder
Miracle is the sunset and the curvy edge of the moon at night,
Yeah, Miracle is man walking on that same moon
miracle is a starry night, it is the way of the astral
and the celestial beauty of music.
Music and me! That’s a miracle.

The stranger on the road is a miracle,
He is the unfamiliar path leading me to new discoveries
Miracle is an old friend, who is constantly present whether good or bad
Miracle is the way I light up the world for others,
The way gratitude multiplies my bread
And Your prosperity breeds mine
It is the certainty that I will smile tomorrow
The cloth on my back and the dinner on my table are miracles.

Miracle is the way I hear with my heart,
The inner guidance through a crowded world
the dreams that keep me up at night
are miracles crying to be unveiled
Miracle is me breaking barriers by ditching my fears
Miracle is when my imagination transform my realities,
And mayhem finally makes meaning.

Miracle is finding someone like me,
It is someone who likes me
Miracle is the hand of my lover caressing me
The way the skin on my hips sing at the touch of his lips
Miracle is appreciating similarities and embracing differences
Miracle; is the way I destroy hatred with love!



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