Lone Star

The table is set and the dishes laid
Done your favourite meal, yes,
I spiced it up the way you like
Wine on ice, cooling some lemonade
Brightly lit candles, scented air
Soft songs, your music plays, yes,
I turned it up the way you like
Waiting, a smile i wear.

You are late again, hours late
Two Yesterdays rain flood the road
Today, what ails the road?
Last minute calls my dear you’ll say
Some fools cause my delay
Slowly I’ll nod, for the lone star knows.

In the garden I take a walk
Darkness surrounds but a candle burns
Up in the sky there’s a single star
A lone star, a lonely me.

Back in the house i sit to dine
I eat my share, it comes back up
I drink my share but spilled the wine
The rest is yours, i lay to sleep
Wishing soon my love would come
I reach for you but an empty space
Up in the sky there’s a lonely star
A lonely star, a lonely me


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