Lest we Forget

Lest We Forget by Shola Amaraibi

10 reasons to read ‘Lest we forget’.

In a world of books, and many books. In a universe of authors, writers and their clan…why should you buy and read another poetry book?

Now, Poetry is not even your style. Why should you read ‘Lest we forget?

Here, I’ll give you 10 reasons:

1) Allow me to blow my horn: it’s an amazing book!

2) It will sensitize you to the wonder and music of words.

3) Its a noisy world; Lest we forget reminds you to slow down and savor each moment

4)  Yay! You travel with me while you read for the poems within are like airplanes, taking you places in your imagination, one stop at a time.

5) Lest we forget moves you into new emotional states in a matter of a few lines.

6) Commonplace objects and events take on a new meaning for you as you read for your mind is encouraged to explore and dream.

7) This book is like a mirror…you can see yourself in it. Identify with the themes, feel the verses

8) Some poems will move you to your core, reminding you to be more human and compassionate

9) The whole book is a lesson; teaching us to infuse life with beauty and meaning

10) And lastly, one simple reason: It’s easy to read

Have you read the book? Did you attend the Event? Leave your comments below.

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