unhibited worshipOn the 6th of October 2013, I heard the first call to give God “UNINHIBITED WORSHIP.” The Holy Spirit gave the date November 1st and though I struggled, He helped me and it was done.

By the inspiration of the Holy Spirit every detail pertaining to the program came together, it was beautiful in His presence

About 60 people gathered and we gave God a worship that was open and unrestrained, free from traditional or social restrictions! Our smallness didn’t matter for we touched God and recorded testimonies.

That very day as I was melting before God in appreciation of who He is, I heard the question ‘’will you do this again?
And I said ‘’Lord if you command it, if you ask me to, who am I not to run in obedience. I will do it again! Then I heard ‘’November 2014.

And just like that the call to worship became my obsession. I seek to obey my maker from a heart of love.  The theme for this year’s uninhibited worship is ‘’BREAKTHROUGH WORSHIP’’

This breakthrough worship is not just the typical kind of breakthrough we talk about, e.g. breakthrough from poverty to riches etc, but this is a worship that breaks forth out of the covers of thick darkness!  Acts 16:23-26

It is the kind of worship that will shake you out of spiritual sleep, connect your heart with God afresh and grant you access into His presence like never before, gross darkness may exist right now all over the world, but there is a kind of worship that breaks through the thickest of darkness and chains!

So, does your heart pant after God like the psalmist said in psalm 42:1 ‘ as the deer pants for the waters so my soul longs after you… then save the date NOVEMBER 16TH;  join me and seasoned worship leaders as we team up with the hosts of heaven to give God the ultimate, unrestrained, uninhibited worship He desires. it is going to be a blast!!!

Venue:  Samak Halls, Plot 12, Ikosi Road, beside Tantilizers, opposite Daystar Christian Centre, Oregun Ikeja Lagos.

Time: 3pm-7pm

Looking forward to receiving you! Please register with the contact form below.

Yours truly

Shola Amaraibi.