How to get more out of 24 hours!

I’m so embarrassed to tell you this, but i have not posted anything on this particular category of my blog in a long time. Finding time to mind my business, be a good mom to two active kids, pursue my passion, give back to society and be all the many things i am to diverse people has been quite tough.  Everything competes for attention and the one that tugs at my heart the hardest receives it. At the end of each day, I often find myself wishing for a few extra hours.

Fact is: there is no ‘time market’ where i could buy more hours. As long as you are on this planet, 24 hours is the best deal you are going to get.  There will be tons of things to do, needs to meet, the mundane will struggle for relevance alongside the crucial.  How can you do more with the 24 hours we all have daily?

Pull up a chair m’friend and take note of these 7 tips that could increase your productivity:

  • Wake up early,-

Getting out of bed early gives one a head start as the mind is clearer and able to create.  Ensure you get enough rest by sleeping early, getting up to seven or eight hours of sleep can improve your mood and set you up for a successful day.


  • Plan your day- When you rise early do not jump out of bed to tackle tasks: pause and think: how do I want my day to go? Plan for and Schedule tasks then deliberately go about making it happen


  • What takes the most of your time? Locate this ahead and strategize on how to deal with it effectively without wasting time.


  • Minimize distractions – Get off the chats and social media pages, schedule social media chats using ‘hootsuite’ and get off the mindless internet surfing. Just unplug for a few hours while you face the things you really need to get done.
  • Chuck Chores – Do this, do that and before you know it the day is gone!

What is draining your energy? Let go of tasks that are not priority but instead consume your time and gets you tired.  Hire an assistant where there is need, just get some help and outsource the menial tasks while you focus on the major.

  • Be time conscious- since you cant buy it back once its gone, how about being more careful what you invest your time into? Avoid time wasters and time wasting activities
  • Relax – Hey, breathe! In….and out…! Yes,  Relax, you can achieve more when you take breaks and give your brain the opportunity to recuperate.  Find a relaxation technique that works for you, be it music, meditation, reading a book, or even taking a walk, relaxation does wonder for our memory and our concentration.So let’s practice and get more done in 24hours!


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