Hazel Eyes

hazel eye

Unclothed yet fully dressed,
Naked, my heart lay bare
Propelled into your arms without motion
We talk, our mouths unmoving
Simply with a look, you make love to me
Just these eyes,
These hazel eyes,
They touch,
They burn.
Deep pools of promises, i swim in them
Holding me to a spot, they light up for me
I come alive, i light up for you
They pierce through me, all secrets exposed
These hazel eyes
They take,
They give.
Emotions on storm, i kiss your lips
i find your eyes, no, they draw me in
These sparkling diamonds, windows to your heart
They tell me a story, the depth of you
They glow, making love to me
These hazel eyes
They undo me
They find me
They fulfill me.

copyright © 2011 shola Amaraibi

photo credit: dawnali.com



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