Get over you!

Sometimes, the mistakes of the past come knocking and doors to old wounds are re-opened, it takes a lot of strength to move on from the place of hurt. Sometimes you are your own worst enemy by holding on to the guilt and reminiscing on the things you didn’t do right. Perhaps you are tied down by the belief that there is a price to pay, a form of life-long penance one must pay for wrong doing, but absolute self forgiveness is the first step on the journey towards inner peace and healing.

There is a psychological state of mind that makes it easier to forgive others because we often hold ourselves more accountable than others. Many times we feel we are infallible and as a result we make no provision for braces to prop our fall and as mistakes and poor decisions are part of life and learning, we do fall flat on the butt occasionally.

When you have fallen so badly you can’t bear to look at yourself in the mirror, when you feel like the worst person on earth for doing the unimaginable or hurting the people you love, the first thing to do is to build your self confidence since unwillingness to forgive oneself stems from a deep believe that you are undeserving of love, respect, acceptance, appreciation, and even the right to live. Building self confidence means learning to love yourself : as long you breathe and live there is some value to you.

Since you cannot take back what you have done, it is wise to invest your energy in being a better version of you and improving your world.

Forgiving yourself does not let you off the hook, it does not justify what you have done, and it is not a sign of weakness but it gives you the mindset of a champion, one who is willing to try again. It is key on the path to correction and coming out of the depression that often accompanies guilt.

Know that no single decision has the potential to define who you are. You are more than your mistakes!



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