The quality of my life,

is determined by what i give,

when tried with fire,

will they burn and crumble?

These things I’ll leave behind,

Though now they hold me in a spell.

True, I’ll leave them behind

Though now I’m suck into them like a well.

Those things I’ll leave behind,

best they shine like diamonds in a blaze,

best I live on in the hearts of men,

by my words and deeds,

best mothers turn their wards to light,

saying; do as she did, say as she said,

best my footprints be trailed,

by the beautiful ones that are not yet born,

best the sun that rises tomorrow,

shines on the legacy of a warrior,

that came, that saw and conquered,

lest I would have come in vain.

Copyright © 2008 [Shola Amaraibi]. All Rights Reserved



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