Diamonds in the rough


They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, from my great grandma’s days till date; the general opinion has been that owning diamonds is like owning the world. What is so special about this precious stone? I’ll tell you: it sparkles; it’s rare, so beautiful it was thought to be falling stars or the tears of the gods in ancient days. People all over the world are fascinated by this stone and drawn to its beauty, but only the deepest of hearts pauses to consider its origin. What was it before now, where was it before it became someone’s best friend?

It was in the rough, Hmm… diamonds in the rough. Diamonds emerge from the earth rough and crude. It takes a lot of processing and work to get the beautiful stone you know and love, in other words; true beauty in and out is a result of having been through a process.   For diamonds, it’s a long journey that involves crushing and separating from other rocks but i will like to focus on four main stages a diamond goes through from being a rough stone to a thing of beauty and how the things you go through in life can be likened to these stages.

Planning  (deliberate selection of the stone and what to do with it.  This refers to your decision and choices. Are you deliberate about your life choices? You random, multi-purpose, no planning, anything goes kind of person ain’t going nowhere! )

cleaving ( this means splitting or division. It is the actual cutting of the rough diamond, like with laser or manually sawed, no doubt a painful process, but something’s gotta give. What are you cutting off or being cut away from?)

Bruting (one diamond is rubbed against another to shapen it, yeah, someone better be shaping you. Or do i say something better be shaping you ? Who is influencing you to align with purpose?)

Polishing (this is the process that breathes life into the stone. It is this stage that will determine how much brilliance and fire a diamond displays.  The polishing is what makes the difference between an exquisite diamond and a dull, lifeless stone! Wow, do i still need to tell you to get polished? Become elegant, flawless, excellent in whatever field you have been called into and most importantly in your character.)

Can you be described as a diamond in the rough? Are you going through some of these stages?

I’ve got good news for you: i have seen the future!  Relax and read below what your end product will be :

Exceptional Beauty  ( the beauty and inner fire of the refined diamond makes it such a precious and rare gem. Each stone’s characteristics cannot be duplicated, and no two diamonds are  the same.  This is you! Your life will be free from all impurities and your unique beauty will shine through)

Durability  (toughen up you diamond in the rough ! A diamond is the hardest substance known to man, it does not deteriorate.  Diamonds are passed on as heirloom from one generation to the next that is: you will leave your foot prints in the sands of time. Generations unborn will speak of you and celebrate you)

High Value  (The prices of diamonds are very high, because they are rare and retain their value after years of being worn you do not get them cheaply. This translates to a better quality of life for you, you will stand out; have a voice in the midst of multitudes! Royalties will seek you and you will be treated as royalty! I once read that the word ‘diamond’ stems from the Greek word ‘adamas’ which means “unconquerable.” How about that?  You may appear ordinary now, simple, of no significance but nothing can conquer the extraordinary radiance embedded in you which your current ‘processing’ will bring to light!

Why? Because you are priceless, a rare diamond! So if you are still in the rough and you know it, hang in there,you are going through a process!

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