Conflicted Love

They say we are opposites
I think we attract
And I think; you are planning to act
Please do before your heart retracts

I think we feel the same way
But I’ll revoke that
For I’m not sure this desire is pure
This opposing ideal makes me not sure
It’s a chasm we are dared to scale
I laced my boots prepared to jump
Only to feel your hands slip from mine
Leaving an amplified ache in my heart
your feet leaving, your heart retracts

They say we are opposites
Some days I’m positive
That they are wrong, and we are same.
They must be wrong; I’m your dame
But today I revoke that, it’s a shame
For I know you are planning to act
You have made a move and it’s a fact
Your bag is packed, my heart is cracked
Watching, as your love retracts.



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