African Woman

To be a woman is to be me
Gorgeous daughter of eve
Mother Africa, mother to the world
Woman, oh me,
Who carries the man on her back!

Beauty from within me
Shinning, coming forth like the dawn
Ancient values molded me,
True virtue redefining me,
I bring you woman, i show you my face
Princess of the plain,
queen of the hills,
Tall like the iroko tree,
Elegant like the palm founds
Ever productive like the raining season.

See , this backbone of the world
Exquisitely made from the rib of a man.
Touch, my kinky black hair,
feel, My sun darkened skin.
I smile
An enigma, I leave them wondering,
Spell bound by the gap in my teeth,
My dimple turning men to boys.
Woman! oh me
I still the hands of warriors

© shola A. 2009

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