What’s in your handbag?

A major fashion accessory, a can’t do without or a self extension… The hand bag is part of a lady’s everyday life. It’s almost like a personal assistant. it is the depot of her needs when she is on the move. You can tell a lot about a woman by viewing the contents of her handbag. some say ‘the bag speaks!’ you can tell how “classy” a lady is by checking out the label on her handbag.

Designers bags like Hermes, Chanel,  Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton , balenciaga, givenchy, fendi, Prada, to mention a few are the status conveying brands. They are status symbols and women who know this are willing to spend thousands on such bags. Yes, we go hungry to buy designer bags!

The hand bag’s content is very revealing. A woman’s life is dynamic, ever changing and the hand bag makes all the transitioning with her. From being a single party girl to a responsible married woman, to a mom or even a grandma… The contents of the handbag keeps changing to match her life-style.

Whether real or fake, a bag is a girl’s buddy. It comes in different shapes and sizes,tiny or over-sized, It carries her secret, sometimes her dirt. Most women would be embarrassed if the content of their handbag were exposed. I once saw the contents of a pretty lady’s bag spill out and I couldn’t stop laughing; pack of mints,half eaten roasted corn, call card, some makeup, ATM cards, cell phones,phone chargers, pair of flats in case her heels gets uncomfortable, nail cutters, bunch of keys, strands of hair (apparently her braids came off and she just tucked it in her bag) some old receipts, expired top up cards, hand fan , body spray….

So instead of talking about you, let’s talk about your handbag. what do you have in there?bags

What does a handbag mean to you?

Top 5 items you carry around in your bag are…



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