3 Reasons why I’m back here!

“How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.” Henry D.Thoreau”

I took a break from blogging, about 2 years break.

I was burnt out and exhausted from being many things, and if you check with a few clicks, you would notice i allowed this blog sleep for a while.

I didn’t stop writing, in fact I started another book project and I went on several journeys, I became more focused on intentional living and in so doing, I found many means of self-expression.

But then, this gentle tug keeps pulling me back here, asking me why and why not? So, I’m back!


So here are 3 reasons for my re-entry into the blogosphere:


  • I crave the healing I get from writing my blog posts, the feeling of pouring myself out as if to my best friend when I blog is something I thoroughly enjoy and I didn’t realize it till I stopped doing it.


  • This blog is about life being well articulated, its about you and me and poetry, truth and meaningful talks and spirituality. This blog is poetic, creative, full of illumination and positive energy… no one should ever stop a project like this.


  • I believe writing is a major part of why I’m here. i have the gift of using words to inspire emotion and encourage action, this is my music!

“Don’t die with your music still in you.”― Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Going Forward, this blog is about to get more personal, more positive, more empowering and more poetic. Have you subscribed to receiving my posts, if so expect me in your inbox at least once a week.

Will I go back into hibernation and break your heart again? Truly I can’t promise you forever, (big grin) but while I’m here, I’ll be giving you my heart.

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