Sharry’s list of 21 things an African woman must own.

1. A winning smile
2. A body she rocks
3. The power to say no
4. The confidence to say yes
5. A Hot red lipstick
6. A colourful Ankara jacket
7. A dark blazer
8. At least one recipe that she can make perfectly
9. Yeah, the perfect little black dress
10. A journal, a Tab: anywhere to store her dreams.
11. A black hand bag
12. A compassionate heart
13. The freedom to be spontaneous
14. A statement necklace
15. Some personal savings
16. The sense never to let her hair smell
17. Woven baby wrap passed to her by her mother
18. A good moisturizer for her skin
19. An Unshakable faith
20. A pink item
21. Hands on skills




  1. Am feeling your list babe God bless your wisdom so proud of you. I agree with most of the items on your list except for the red lipstick “mba” that one I disagree red lipstick doesn’t “werk for me” my sister. Lip balm or “ori” is better. Tks for reminding me about the journal it’s very important.


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