Salute to the men


She wants some chips, He jumps to fetch them, she needs a back rub, he gladly obliges. Silently, He prays for the nine months to be over already. But don’t things just seem to move so slowly when you are expecting a miracle?  Yeah expecting, the expectant dad has morning sicknesses too, he is the Prego’s aide and must watch his mouth, he has to have the right words as he counts the days, the hours, the minutes. Tick-tock, tick-tock…expecting a miracle.

On the D-day, He paces the hospital floor with her, the labour room is no place for the squeamish or faint hearted, but it is the pain ravaging his love that unnerves him.  Holding her hands in between contractions he says a prayer. It’s about time…i need my miracle.

Finally, the baby arrives. The joy he feels knows no bound, he is speechless as he holds his baby a few minutes later, a girl, a gift, his own perfect miracle! With a big grin on his face he coos at her “I’m your father”…fatherhood.


The notice came in the mail and took them by surprise; at last, the adoption agency has a baby for them.  She couldn’t hold back the tears of joy as they sat in the orphanage expecting their adopted son to walk in. all paper works behind them, she gently squeezed her husband’s hands and whispered “today you become a father”…fatherhood.


You see, Mike doesn’t have a biological child yet, neither does he have an adopted child, but he is a father to the bone. Mentor to the younger generation and a rare icon of the male specie, he is looked up to and sought after for the exemplary life he lives, the wisdom he shares and his kindness has transformed many lives. You would often hear him being called ‘Dad’ by his protégées, this, is how fatherhood came to him.

Irrespective of how fatherhood comes to a man, His goal is to make his children better than he is.  Real fatherhood means love, commitment, sacrifice and a willingness to shoulder responsibilities.

Cheers to all dedicated men out there, standing by the family and building a better society, We cherish you and appreciate you for all the love, provision, the sacrifices you make daily, the fierce arms of protection you wrap around us, the songs, the laughter, the story telling and the way you swing us high up… yeah, for all the big things you do and more for the little ones, we celebrate you as a man.



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