Hope for the Girl Child

Somewhere, she’s missing
Lost, Gone into the wind.
In the dim light of the night they took her
She groped, she fought, all a blur
Slowly, the numbness overtook her
ouch!  Chibok! the squashing of flowers
Tamp! the death of innocence,
strong men crouch, in fear they cower
Is anyone coming?
Can anyone hear?

Somewhere, daughters cling in fear to their father’s leg
For the child must marry, her education a joke
Denied, she peeps into her tomorrow
and faith, her heart drains fast.
whose strength may she borrow?
her lofty dreams confined in a box of fear
Mothers beat their breasts in tears
For yesterday their babies were weaned
Today, the child is asked to be a mother
Who will free the girl to dream?
Is anyone coming?
Can anyone hear?

Somewhere a little eve wails
They have stolen from her, her mother’s gifts
Forcefully they pried her legs apart
Violated, they took her honour
With a heavy heart she carries on
Prisoner to the echoes of her pains,
oh freedom! to fly she dares,
what keys unlock these chains?
Is anyone coming?
Can anyone hear?
I have hope!
A hope that the lost would be found
A hope not in the pope,
but in him who sits above
a hope the wind would blow the missing back
 a hope of healing for the girl child.
I have a hope,
This hope that every womb resounds,
A hope not in a dream
But in him who reigns supreme
A hope the discrimination of the girl child will end
her honor restored, her value enhanced
I tell you it shakes, but I’ll hold on strong
Someone, please shine a light
Bring back our Girls.



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