Happy ‘Dream’ Year!


    It’s February and it’s still a brand new year; I hope it’s not out of place for me to say ‘happy new year to you! This is my first blog post this year. I have been changing things and I just gave this blog a new face, so all things are new.

    To be honest this is my first post in a long time, the last time I posted here I was heavy with baby Josh, heavy with some dreams. Baby Josh has since been birthed, he is five months old now, and I just birth a dream; the book ‘Lest we forget’!

    Often times the difference between those who make their dreams come true and those who don’t is just that 5 lettered word ‘action’. Don’t get caught up in day to day living that you forget your dreams, once dreams are forgotten, the future is foregone. The story of ‘Lest we forget’ is that of a conscious decision to act and not let one aspect of my life swallow up the others. It hit me strongly late last year that the ‘the mother in me will not take a break for the writer to emerge, the  wife in me will not pause for the Businesswoman, the fashionista has to have the mind of an entrepreneur, i  mean, beyond diaper changing, there is the CEO!  One aspect of my life will not be dormant while i act on another aspect. One role should not over shadow others and suppress my creativity. The goal is to be fulfilled and balanced in all areas, this holistic view opened my eyes to see that, truly, i can do all things.

    Dear Blog Family, this year i will like to encourage you to work on your dreams, act on them and watch your life blossom.  Quit bemoaning whatever is wrong or is not perfect, Start with baby steps, hey…I’m talking to myself too.

    Here are a 7 ways to act on your dreams:

    • Don’t leave that dream in your thought:

    Write it out, pen it down and picture it. You can create a vision board, something that will catch your eye and give clarity to that dream in your thought every time you see it.

    • Tell someone about it:

    Telling a trusted person who believes in you about your dream can be a huge encouragement. The positive opinion you get will be a really big push towards acting on your dream

    • Set a deadline:

    When there is a time limit, your mind is conditioned towards achieving that goal. Do not leave your dream to go on forever, see it being fulfilled by a certain period

    Train towards it: Get equipped for your dream. Do some research on what you need to get there, then learn the route towards realising this dream

    • Connect: You can’t be a loner on this journey, connect with who you need to help you. Reach out.
    • Save towards it : It’s an investment in you, have a financial plan towards that dream, put money aside so when the opportunity to comes you are not stranded
    • Execute it; finally do it! If you don’t get it right on first trial do it again. A dream or an idea brought to life is priceless, but until you give life to it, it’s not worth much


    Photo Credit: photo.elsoar.com




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