Under the stars in the moonlight,
You told me stories of life,
Ancient stories of my ancestors,
From tree to tree, generations evolving to you.
You showed me where to walk,
That i fall not where you fell,
Secrets of your heart untold,
The wisdom of elders you unfold.
To the pulsating rhythm of the ‘bata’ drum,
my special songs you always hum,
You raised me good and true,
Teaching me man must pray,
Or to error many would stray.

A father, a friend and more,
Your ‘koboko’ opened my eyes to light,
At time you gently rebuke,
Then you celebrate me when i do right.
Invigorated with ‘emu oguro’
Intoxicated with love,
We laughed and dance together.

How my heart aches for your embrace Baba,
I miss you who planted my seed
And every time i see a star at night
Or hear a familiar drummer’s beats
I remember the stories of your life
And i write mine on a better page.

© shola Amaraibi 2005



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