As the sun stretches

waking up from its hideout

in golden rays , rays of gold

my eyes seek you,I look up to you
My ears twitch listening for you at noon
And when the sun sets, when it goes to sleep

i find my rest in you
Running from the world looking for a quiet place
Could find none for even silence screams
suddenly your word found me
from darkness to light
saying not by might
but in quietness and peace before you is my strength
That’s your word, and this is true.

Map in hand, i chart my course
Beating and dancing to my own tune
Unglued, i fall flat without you
The success i chase eludes me
Epiphany! Your love found me
Straight into my heart it pierced
You became the lover of my soul
You cause revival within me
You have no rival with me
Undisputable master of my life
Commit your work to the Lord and be established
That’s your word, and this is true


© shola Amaraibi 2008



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