I’m shola

A writer, Poet, entrepreneur and I’m fiercely passionate about helping you be the best of you, by cheering you to live out your dreams, quit blending in and own your own unique personality, plus encouraging you to build a business around your passion.

I’m all for life being well articulated with my ‘straight talks, I edit out the lies and limiting beliefs, I blot out the mental laziness and irrational fears, letting you into that big secret that liberates in life ‘you can be anything you want to be! No sugar coating, just doses of reality expressed in mind-boggling articles.

Feel the power of oral art through my ‘poetry’ collection.  I feel most vibrant when I’m creating a poem, my personality and style is shared with the world in sonnets, lyric poetry, dirges, haiku… whatever form allows me full expression, and whatever form gives me a release. Poetry to me is life; walk with me as I articulate it!

Ideas and pictures in my head…the constant need to ‘create’, to make. The pulsating desire to design something, be it in the fashion industry or up swinging interior designs…yeah, that is all my forte. I carry a heart-felt need to make things and meet those who bring wonders out of their imagination.

The ‘creativity Hub’ section of my blog is purposed to explore this side of me and also display articles about creative people I come across with.

The phrase ‘mind your own business’ is very popular when it comes to warning people to respect boundaries and not be all up in your business, but are you minding your own business as an entrepreneur?

Mind your business stems from the entrepreneur side of me born out of my services to SMEs via ‘stutzeconsults.com’

On this platform I share business tips not in the classroom way but in a down to earth and practical manner such that anyone willing to excel can run with it. I also share interviews and articles with rising Entrepreneurs who have successfully made a mark in their field.

Success at minding your business is a giant step towards life being well articulated.

I’m deep, and so deeply into my maker, and sometimes I like to share the Spirit Inspired me with the world. You might be shocked at what you will find in this category of my blog as I do not fit into a conventional box, there is a guiding light on the inside of me that enables me to think out of that box. Stick with me and get your ‘Spirit Inspired.

What do I love? What turns me off?

I love seeing people shine and excel at what they do. My delight is to be the light that brightens up the lives of those who come in contact with me. I hate to see gifted people wasting their talents; seriously purposeless living turns me off!

My experiences? Its been a long journey getting here, wrote my first book at age 13, started business at age 16, its been over 3 decades of learning, serving and impacting my world positively.

I have been called highly resourceful and multifaceted; having served as PR officer, content developer to various businesses and NGOs.

I’m so glad you found this blog. Welcome to a gold mine.

Thank you for reading this far, I would really like for us to get to know each other better, if you want the inside scoop from me click here. Most of the time, you’ll only hear from me on Thursdays but more if something is time-sensitive or important.

Thank you for visiting.

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Poetry itself demands life of me, Were I to ignore the pull, every intersection would lead me right to it. It’s a spiritual tugging that demands I give, give of the thoughts that flows in my veins, feeling my path through life with words. Stay connected and let us journey together