A Song for me

I first met me at the age of awareness,

I was curious, serious,

Eager to explore my consciousness.

Who is this me?

A timid child out of sync?

Fragile? weightless?

Seeking to learn my individuality.


Day by day, opinions formed me,

Values were handed over to me;


Rule were laid out to me;


Who is this me?

A timid child not equipped to think?

Fragile, weightless

Seeking to learn my ingenuity


I was a teen,

Not eighteen

When I locked the child within.

For you see, I’m forced to grow and glean

What it takes to survive and show a sheen



The journey of my life is the search for ‘me’

I swam in oceans that called ‘me’ a fish

I flew in skys that called ‘me’ star

I searched in books that named ‘me’ a rook

Misguided, misdefined, misunderstood

Who is this me?


The day I found ‘me’ my life began


Springs in my steps I walk taller


Now I sing the songs of purpose

Adieu confusion, enter reason

Eulogies to me, a song for me.


Poem from ‘Lest we forget’

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