A letter to Self

Dear Me,

I decided to write you a letter because you and I know that I hear better when its written, and this is the clearest form of communication we know.

You see for a long time I didn’t know you, for you moved at the promptings of many voices and I struggled to find yours. I didn’t know how to love you, for your back was used to being bent over backwards to please that I forgot how to do things that brings you smiles. And when I should have hugged you and celebrated you, you were never good enough for me, deep down I didn’t even see you as capable of the many things you dreamed so I self-sabotage, instead of shooting for the stars I shoot myself in the foot and ouch… that hurts. I know I’ve said hurtful things to you, things that I wouldn’t say outwardly to anyone, its hurts to see that you internalized every unkind words I or anyone else whispered about you.

It wasn’t supposed to be like that. I should have been celebrating your potentials and evolving wonders since I had a glimpse into your soul and I know who you are, i should have been in harmony with my spirit, i should have fed the hunger within and not silenced it, I should have focused on nurturing you…I guess the growth got stunted from somewhere within.

So, I’m using the moment to let you know I’m retracing my steps on the path of growth, now I’m committed to you and not the many voices that once guided me in trance-like living, now I’m all yours and you are all mine. I want to explore every depth of you and examine every possibility you own, I want to be all your dreams and more so I say to you ‘I will love you more…

I will love you more by acknowledging you are enough

I will love you more by honoring you and not taking you for granted.

I will even love you more by cooking you healthy meals and giving you choice portions.

I will love you more by protecting you from negative energies that leaks your joy

I will love you more by fighting harder for your dreams because you deserve it

I will love you more by recognizing you are capable, able, and adorable

I will love you more by reminding you that you are worthy, strong, and intelligent in case you ever forget.

I will love you more by standing for you!


Your true self


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