11 ways to elevate your Business!


Exciting, you’ve got that great business idea and you are brimming with joy.  You did some research; you invested money in it, took some training and got some new qualification. You probably got a new office space too. You are good as gold, ready to roll… then it’s time for business and the clients are not rushing in as expected. It’s almost like nobody sees you.

Your sister’s story is different from yours but same. Her goods just arrived and her shop is so full she has nowhere to put her legs,  she expanded the shop, made the interior more cozy and friendly, she ensured constant power supply, employed  friendly staffs and even do sales almost all through the year…but then these things are not selling as fast as she anticipated. The profit is not raining in the way she thought it would. What could be wrong?

If you are in any of the two scenarios painted above, I’d say maybe you just lighted your candle and hid it under a bucket, perhaps you need to get on the light-stand, Elevate your game!

Lack of marketing knowledge could kill your business; push your business out of obscurity by being deliberate about your marketing and advertising.

Advertising is the process of making your product and service known to the marketplace. It’s all about telling the world what your company/you have to offer. While marketing is the way in which you convince potential buyers that you have the right product for them, advertising is how you communicate to them the existence of that product.

Right exposure can enlarge the smallest of ideas and businesses, for your business to be successful, it is essential for people know about your brand as well as the products and services you offer. here are my top 11 ideas  on how to sell your business:-

Own a functioning domain:  this is your field of action, your website; your very own space, where anyone in the world can find information about your business.  Owning a website will help your business breakthrough geographical barriers right into homes and offices all over the world, any where there is internet.  Stop being invincible and get a domain!

Keep it in their faces:  there is something about what we see and keep seeing. Don’t they say repetition is the law of deep and lasting impression? Put your business in people’s faces.  Target your proposed customers and keep putting your business where they can see it.  Advertise on listings, directories, newsletters, magazines etc

Build your emails and contacts list: Building up your own database of email contacts is vital for small businesses. It helps you keep in touch and learn more about your customers or potential ones

Word of mouth: motivate your customers to spread the news about you, thereby getting free referrals. Word-of-mouth referrals stem naturally from an unparalleled customer experience that encourages customers to identify with your business. Simply put, if you provide excellent service to one person, that one person will tell somebody who will tell somebody who will tell another somebody…..

Create interesting newsletters: create a newsletter and promote your latest products. Give the customers more information via newsletter stories, while also allowing them to write in and contribute to the newsletter or ask questions too.  Whether in electronic or paper form, a newsletter can be the perfect vehicle for cultivating customer relationships.

Get Social: get a free business facebook page and be active with it, tweet your business on twitter, and reach targeted individuals via LinkedIn.

Talk: Talk on blogs, forums and groups. Share other people’s links and answer people’s questions online so you can get some exposure.  What you make happen for others, someone will make happen for you!

Consult: offer free consultation service, give product review and offer free samples

Host : Host seminars and workshops to educate people about what you are offering, hey, tea parties do work. You can sell your products as people relax and mingle.

Video : Do videos of your products, record your  ideas, talk about what you are offering and post such videos online

Me:  employ ME to handle your social Medias and manage your PR for you!



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